STF joins the National Women’s Council of Ireland

Sounding the Feminists is now a member of the National Women’s Council of Ireland. We are very excited to join the NWCI’s campaign for women’s equality. Their mission is to lead and to be a catalyst for change in the achievement of equality between women and men.

As a member of The National Women’s Council, STF will; 

  • Be invited to NWCI’s events free of charge 

  • Have use of meeting facilities free of charge 

  • Have an opportunity to engage with politicians, journalists and others on key policy developments of concern to women 

  • Receive support for work and campaigns 

  • Participate in the NWCI’s campaigns 

  • Be invited to participate in training opportunities 

  • Be invited to participate in NWCI working groups 

  • Be asked to read and comment on NWCI policies 

  • Be requested to participate in NWCI’s AGM activities including putting forward and voting on motions, voting at NWCI Board elections and nominating representatives to stand for the Board. After 12 months membership, group members can then vote at the AGM

Sounding the Feminists look forward to working with The National Women’s Council of Ireland to grow together as a strong voice for women and women’s rights in Ireland and globally. 

Amanda Feery