STF at Arts Council Equality, Human Rights and Diversity Policy Meeting

STF Working Group was invited for an early consultation as part of an Equality, Human Rights and Diversity policy being developed by The Arts Council Ireland. Laura Watson, Ann Cleare and Karen Power attended this meeting on the 27th of July 2018 . It was an extremely productive and open meeting, where the emphasis was placed on the need to firstly listen and gather information from many voices within and across the music sector.  We had the opportunity to discuss our own goals and aims and see where there might be opportunities for exchange.

This was just a preliminary conversation and it is our aim to help see a policy document developed that is diverse enough to be applicable to each and every strand of music, but also has clear and strong objectives to ensure that diversity, equality, and fairness is adhered to throughout the sector.

STF have also since followed up, having had some time to reflect on issues, with a series of questions for the working group around, among other things, the intended usability and function of this policy upon completion by 2019.

We felt that this first meeting was a genuine open platform,  where the policy working group listened and got a feel for the current issues that face our sector. We will continue to work with this group moving forward and have been assured of future contact during the next developmental phase. We will of course keep this larger community informed as best we can.


Amanda FeeryComment