STF: One Year on from our first Public Meeting

Since Sounding the Feminists facilitated a public meeting on 13 September 2017, the Working Group have been active behind the scenes, meeting representative members of public bodies and potential partner organisations to lobby for support and try to develop mutually beneficial alliances that promote gender equality in music. Listed below are some of those meetings; in addition, there have been many discussions over Skype, phone, email, social media, contributions to the press, informal chats in person, etc.

Note: this is intended to be an indicative overview rather than a complete, comprehensive list of the meetings and consultations that have happened thus far. We are grateful to all individuals and organisations who have shown support to STF.

·         Late August 2017: meeting with John Harris, director of New Music Dublin festival.

·         August 2017: meeting with Dr Brenda O’Donohue from Waking The Feminists’ Gender Counts initiative

·         August 2017: consultations with Dr Melanie Marshall, University College Cork.

·         13 September 2017: public meeting in IMRO, attended by musicians working in diverse areas such as promotion, production, composition performance, education, arts administration, and policy. Organisations such as the National Concert Hall, Irish Music Rights Organisation, Contemporary Music Centre, Irish Traditional Music Archive, and many more were represented.

·         Late 2017 and into 2018: meetings with NCH to develop the multifaceted aspects of the NCH-STF five-year partnership initiative.

·         Late 2017 and into 2018: meetings with CMC (who have also kindly facilitated Sounding the Feminists meetings) to discuss a proposed research initiative.

·         January 2018: meeting with Irish National Opera, who subsequently partnered with STF.

·         January 2018: meeting with Karan Casey of Fair Plé.

·         February 2018: meeting with RTÉ to discuss proposed research initiative.

·         March 2018: emailed Christina Sisk, director of Culture Ireland regarding gender representation at GB18.

·         Spring and Summer 2018: meetings with Dr Ann-Marie Hanlon of Dundalk Institute of Technology about the DkIT-STF Symposium on Women in Popular and Traditional Music in Ireland, scheduled for 23 November 2018.

·         April 2018: meeting with Crash Ensemble

·         April 2018: meeting with the Ark

·         April 2018: meeting with Chamber Choir Ireland

·         Spring 2018: meeting with Improvised Music Company.

·         Spring 2018: meeting with Arts Council to discuss proposed research initiative.

·         Spring 2018: discussions with educational institutions such as Maynooth University Music Department.

·         7 June 2018: public meeting in IMRO.

·         15 June 2018: meeting with officials working for Josepha Madigan, TD, Minister for Culture, Heritage & the Gaeltacht.

·         27 July 2018: consultation with Arts Council to solicit STF input into the development of an Equality, Human Rights, and Diversity Policy for the arts in Ireland.

·         August 2018: meeting with the National Women’s Council of Ireland.

·         September 2018: contribution to discussion panel at 12 Points Festival, Dublin.

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